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Hi, I'm Lisa

I've been working on craft projects ever since I was small - our family living room was constantly scattered with pencils, construction paper, glue, markers and whatever else I could get my hands on. My mom recognized this and registered me for all kinds of art classes, though when I took ceramics for the first time in high school I knew I wanted it to be part of my life.

Over the years I have gotten more involved in ceramics and the community, in both work and private practice. I opened The Phoenix art studios and gallery with two creative partners, and for the first time I had my own space to work with clay. I became a member at the West End Community Centre pottery studio. I was asked to substitute for one of the teachers, which led to my own class. I then took over as studio technician for over a year, and now I'm the studio manager.

Meanwhile my private practise has changed significantly over the last few years. I take influence from traditional pottery, such as Peruvian shapes and Egyptian forms. My work is also aesthetically minimal, slightly playful and simple. I have a limited palette, preferring to highlight the clay itself, the balance between the subtle sandy tones and simple glazes. While I'm always making cups, mugs and small things, I'm most passionate about throwing large pieces on the wheel. I enjoy the challenge of transforming mud into vessels, and pushing the limits of my skills.

I'm always interested in new projects, such as custom orders, wholesale and more. For enquiries, please contact me: